No deductible to worry about & still more affordable than most Co-pays… each visit is only $30.00!

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Headache – Backache – Rotator-Cuff -  Chiropractic -  Acute Care – Disc Problems – Sports Injuries -  Shoulder – Pain – Rehabilitation – Pregnancy Care – Whole Family Care       - – - And so much more – - -

Where You will receive Face to Face Care from your doctor  – The way Healthcare was meant to be!

Located at 509 W. Second St in Downtown Defiance;

Two doors from Bud’s & across from the Courthouse


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    1. Dr. Matt Post author

      Hello Cathy –
      Thanks for the question! To answer it honestly & accurately, I would have to get a history and do an exam. I can tell you that in general I can reduce pain in most, if not all musculoskeletal complaints. If the patient is willing to comply with the treatment plan (home portion as well) I have very good results for resolving problems completely, if not than I would just be managing pain. – I hope that helps!

  1. Maggee Honesto

    Thankful for a talented chiropractor like Dr. Spiers. He worked me through a very painful shoulder injury last year. I live an hour away and will travel to see my chiropractor. I feel better than I have in years, many thanks Doc!

    1. Dr. Matt Post author

      Thank you Maggee! I am truly happy that you had such a fast resolution of presenting problem(s)! 3 visits is not unheard of, but it isn’t completely common either! Kudos to you for your compliance & I will be here should you need me in the future!

  2. Shawn Schulte

    Very grateful for Dr. Spiers astute analysis and advice on the x-rays he kindly evaluated on my nephew, when the boy injured his neck wrestling. If that is the care he can offer long distance I can only say anyone would be remiss in not visiting him in person if given the chance.

    1. Dr. Matt Post author

      Thank you for the kind words Shawn! Remember – 1 view is no view with x-yays & if someone pulls out a single x-ray….it is typically more of a marketing tool that a diagnostic tool! Always here for your questions!

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